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Half Dome 4 replacement rain fly - not water proof

I am a long time REI customer / member.   I have a half dome 4 HC tent that my family has been using for 10+ years.  It has been on Boy Scout Troop camping events - snow, rain, and summer heat.   The poles fly and tent all still work great (although the tent has acquired a little odor, maybe from too many boys camping in it).   But... I have a new ( a few years) half dome 4 tent, that I reserve for myself and or other adults to use.  I have already had to restring the poles, and the fly has rubbed through in a couple places where it contacts the poles.   I have repaired the fly with tent repair tape, following direction and taping top and bottom.   I have been fortunate not to have it in severe weather (that usually happens when I am in my backpacking 2 man tent).   This weekend we experienced 7 " of rain in just over 24 hours.   My rain fly first started to drip, then completely soaked through and water was running down the inside of the rain fly in sheets, not little trickles and seemingly from everywhere.   I had it staked out so most of the water ran down the fly and out, but enough drips were falling through the tent mesh that I gave up at 4 am, and packed my gear.   How do I get my rain fly or my entire tent replaced.   I will happily send the whole thing back.   

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Thank you for reaching out, although we're sorry to hear it is because you are having this issue with the rainfly on your tent.

Without being able to see your tent it is challenging for us to understand the scope and cause of the issue. There are many reasons why your tents can be performing differently, including, but not limited to, amount of use, different materials or coatings, type of storage, or even how it is packed. While it may not be the case with your tent, but as an example, depending on how they are stored, sometimes not using a tent can be harder on the shock cord in the poles than regular use, as when poles are folded up the shock cord is stretched out. It could be that the seam sealing and/or waterproofing on your rainfly just needs to be refreshed. If you'd like to you can take a look at this Expert Advice article, How to Waterproof a Tent, which contains tips and instructions on how to do so.

While it sounds like it was purchased outside of the 1-year window of our Return Policy, if you'd like to speak with someone about returning your tent, you can take it in to your local REI store or call our sales and customer support team at 1-800-426-4840 or chat via Live Chat as they are in the best position to make a determination.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you for your response.   I will try to take it into an REI, the next time I will be in an area with a store.   I am surprised to hear that the warranty is only 1 year.   I am going to have to look at other tent manufacturers warrantees.  I am fairly certain Kelty and Eureka have a lifetime warranty for tents (as well as backpacks).   Are your Backpacks also only a 1 year warranty?   



Thanks for the question!

In my response above, I was referencing our return policy and satisfaction guarantee being 1 year, which applies to all items sold by REI, with a few exceptions. All the details regarding our satisfaction guarantee can be found on our Return Policy page, with more details under the 'Exeptions to the return policy' drop down menu.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.