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Garmin GPS

I am looking at the Garmin GPS 66s or the Garmin 66st. The difference between the two units is that the "st" has the topo maps preloaded. My question is are they 24K resolution? I cannot seem to locate the information on the REI site or on Garmins.

My second question is how do I get the mount that fits this GPS? Garmin, Amazon, etc.?


Dave ASaibene



2 Replies

Hi @MrDave! When you purchase the preloaded maps on the microSD cards they come in 24K resolution. 

We do not sell that Garmin mount accessory at REI, but you can check with your local REI store to see if they can special order directly from Garmin. If they are unable to special order it you can purchase it directly from Garmin or whichever vendor you'd like!

Happy adventuring! 

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Hey @MrDave .  Just to chime in and build on @REI-EllisB  excellent response…it is an interesting observation of yours that there is not a lot of specific information about the scale of the topo maps preloaded on the 66st.   With that said, I am pretty confident it is the 100K maps that come preloaded on the 66st.  One clue is that in the specs list on Garmin’s site, it notes: 

“Provides detailed digital topographic maps of U.S. & Canada (includes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Contour lines at 75’ in U.S. and 30 meters in Canada),” which would indicate 100K maps (24K maps tend to have contour intervals closer to 20’ depending on terrain).

As Ellis pointed out, if you want the higher resolution 24K maps, the best way would be to buy the on the preloaded SD card.

So, if you are trying to decide between the two, and you really want the higher resolution maps, you might save $50 on the unit and go with the 66s and buy the 24K map card(s) separately.  Keep in mind, though, that the 24K cards are regional, so if you travel to different parts of the country, you might need to buy additional cards, which can get expensive.  If you do travel a lot and are not super concerned with the higher resolution, the 66st is a solid choice and ready to go out of the box.

Have fun out there!

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