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Full Windsor The Muncher Multi-Tool

I am asking if you could please reduce the price on the product The Full Windsor The Muncher Multi-Tool. Because I am a Backpacker and I need a spork. I am 10 years old and I can't buy it because its so expensive. I read the Backpacker magazine and even the say it is one of the best products out there. I agree. But they do say it is a little to expensive. If you reduced the price by just like $5-$10 I will buy it. I appreciate you guys still being open for business. And my birth day is on June third so if you could lower near that time I would appreciate that. So thank you and have a nice day and stay safe!!!

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@Former community member Thanks for reaching out!

We’re happy to meet you, excited to hear that you're into backpacking, and interested in purchasing a multi-tool! Also, happy birthday in June! You are right, the Full Windsor The Muncher Multi-tool is an excellent choice for a spork and multi-tool, you have good taste! Although we aren't able to change the price of an item for you, we'd encourage you to stay tuned for upcoming sales; in addition, if you or a family member is a member of the co-op, we'll likely have another member-coupon that you could apply to the multi-tool!

On that note, while we are really appreciative of your enthusiasm, our User Guidelines state that all community members must be at least 13 years old. Sadly, as it sounds like you are 10 years old, this means we will have to delete your account. We look forward to having you rejoin the community in a few years!

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