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Frustrations with order fulfillment

I am very frustrated with REI. On November 27th I ordered a bike headlight. I received a confirmation email and tracking number.  I received no updates as of Dec. 11th.  Today I decided enough time had passed.  I had two on line chats, both times I was assured my package was in the mail.  I finally called REI and was advised that my item never shipped and is now out of stock.  How frustrating! I was assured I would receive a refund.  I should never have been charged since the item never shipped. I don’t think the apology the agent offered was enough for this negligence.  I have ordered many gifts on line this year from various stores and this is the first time something like this happened. Other stores always kept me updated and let me know if there was a problem.  I’m very disappointed in REI.

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@Mo2 we are really sorry to hear about the frustration with this order and want you to know that we have provided your feedback to a manager on our Customer Support team.

Although we recognize it may not be helpful or wanted at this point, we would be more than eager to consult on bike lights here in the community and see if we can help you select one that is still available and meets your needs. Please don't hesitate to reply with a few details about what you're looking for (examples: how/what time of day/night you'll use it, do you need it to see in the dark or just be seen by others, budget, and any other features you're interested in) and we'll see if we can help.

Again, we're really sorry for the negative experience you had with us with this order and hope you'll give us another chance to provide a better outcome. 

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