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Frustration with lack of plastic bag to protect the item that I ordered

What happened to caring about customers and the products we purchase online? My recent order of a sleeping bag arrived in a large box with no protection from the heavy rains we are having in Virginia. Couldn't someone at least have put the sleeping bag in a trash bag so it wouldn't get wet?

But REI caught a lucky break; I was able to get it indoors before any damage to the sleeping bag. Can't say the same to REI's reputation. It's damaged in my eyes.

Not the first time REI has disappointed me. Perhaps I should have spoken up those times but I'm doing it now. 

Step up and do better, REI.


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Hi @member-since-1986 - Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback, and we do apologize for missing the mark on your expectations for delivery of your sleeping bag. With product shipment, we always strive to find the best balance between product protection, sustainability and minimized waste - our teams make the best decisions they can at the time they are packing each order, and it's possible they just weren't aware of the heavy rains in your area. Usually a sleeping bag does just fine in shipment without any additional protection! With that said, we're glad you were able to get your sleeping bag inside before the cardboard box soaked through and hope you'll give us another chance in the future. Thanks again for the feedback and for being a longtime member of our co-op!
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I love the fact that REI is looking closely at packaging and not adding unnecessary waste to the process. Most sleeping bags, even if wet should dry out quickly if they are stored properly (not compressed in their stuff sack) and I'd want to launder a synthetic one anyway. Mine have also gotten wet on first runs in use as well as many times after so I would consider it holding up in the rain an added benefit.

That said I know my perspective might be different from others. REI can't know that a customer is disappointed by their interactions unless it's expressed so it's great that you spoke up @member-since-1986. I love that we have this forum to share and comment!

Sleeping bags do get wet from time to time .  Properly handled, they do just fine....

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That IS weird...not even in a wrapper of any sort, heck, I ordered a Nalgene bottle for $8 and IT came in a plastic bag!

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I think the OP  has a point, though I am a huge REI fan guy. Items like sleeping bags, any product coming in a cardboard OEM wrapper or clothing for that matter should be sealed in a plastic bag. Yeah, clothes will get wet, but when they do, I'll be the one responsible for that, not that it arrives that way from the shipper. 

Glad you posted as this makes REI aware of an issue.