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Front Bike Wheel Replacement

I recently had the front wheel of my Schwinn GTX1 700c bike and was wondering if I could get some advice on how to replace it.

 I have purchased a replacement tire on amazon and have been looking into new wheels and tubes. Through my basic research, I learned that the tube valve type has to match the wheel. I was wondering how I could find out what wheels match the specific valve types? I was looking at the "XLC Alloy / Alex X101 Front Wheel - 700C" specifically. I was also wondering what tools (aside from a pump) will be necessary to replace the wheel?

Thank you in advance!

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I figured out the valve issue! But if anyone has any advice on replacing the wheel of a bike let me know!

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I figured out the valve issue! But if anyone has any advice on replacing the wheel of a bike let me know!



Here are the basic tools that you'll need:

  • Bicycle grease (recommend Park Tool Polylube 1000 or similar) - apply to wheel skewer to prevent rust and easy use of quick-release.
  • Rim tape (recommend 10mm if you went with the Alex X101) - this is used to cover the spoke nipples and prevent the tube from being punctured from the inside when it is inflated
  • Pump
  • Optional: Tire levers (only use as a last resort for very tight wheel-tire fits)- there is a danger of pinching the tube during installation if using levers

I do recommend that you consider having the wheel (even a new wheel) checked by a shop for proper hub adjustment and true prior to installing the tire. Also, the shop can put some grease on the skewer for you and answer any questions you have around the installation process, skewer tightness and position, etc. 😁

FYI- There are also hands-on Workshops available at many REI locations to help you dial your wheel/tire installation techniques and answer questions about the process.

I hope this helps!


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