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Flash sleeping pad no longer holding air.

My Flash sleeping pad failed to hold air this weekend in the backcountry of Colorado. I purchased it in 2019. Is this normal performance for the product? I used it for a week in the fall of 2019 and again last week. Please advise. Thank you. 

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Thanks for reaching out and we are sorry to hear you are having issues with your sleeping pad. We have some clarifying questions to help us see if we can find a solution:

  • Were you able to inflate the pad initially?
  • Did the sleeping pad completely deflate, or just partly?
  • Were you able to locate where the air was leaking? i.e. Is there a hole in the sleeping pad?

The most common issue with sleeping pads is a small hole, often caused by rocks, sticks, or thorns on the ground, that allows air to slowly leak out after inflating the sleeping pad. If the hole is small enough it could take a while for the air to escape. Sometimes there are issues with valves, although those issues are typically easy to identify as the air is escaping as you are inflating. The most challenging spot to repair a hole is on the edge of the pad if the seam is separating. You can check out this thread, How do I repair a hole in the seam of my inflatable pillow?, for some ideas. Additionally, we encourage you to check out this Expert Advice article, How to Repair a Sleeping Pad, for more information and solutions.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Yeah, it’s normal, if it has a hole in it.

Try blowing it up and submerging in a bath tub to try to pinpoint (pun intended) any tiny holes...then patch or call the manufacturer for a possible replacement.

good luck


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