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Finding shoes that I can wear all day


I need to find shoes that will give me good back support.  I have had the Torrent Plush recommended and also the Hoko Bondi and Hoko Clifton.  I wear a pair of Under Armor shoes that I have had for several years.  I purchased a 2nd pair of Under Armour over a year ago, and they do not fit right.  I have a low back issue and need something that will cushion my feet and support my back.



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Salomon are great - They are best with a narrow foot.


@SarahD apologies that we haven't yet jumped in with a response to your question. It would be helpful to know what kind of surface you're standing/moving around on all day - is it concrete or more of a trail/uneven surface? This will matter for the type of sole you pick in your shoe. Here are a few thoughts:

  • Hokas are definitely seen has having some of the best comfort/cushion, so this is a brand we'd recommend trying. We carry a bunch of models, some designed for trails, others for pavement.
  • Some folks really love Danskos for all-day wear (these are often a go-to for nurses) - although, they are not cushioned in the way a Hoka or running shoe will be, the rocker base (of the clog) combined with good arch support can actually really help.
  • Adding insoles to a pair of good running shoes can make a big difference as well for long days on your feet - we'd recommend an insole with some arch support and some additional cushioning, like the Superfeet Berry All-Purpose.

Because footwear is so personalized, you might consider a free Virtual Outfitting appointment or stopping by your local REI store for help!


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