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Feedback on the REI/USBank MasterCard

On November 21st I tried to open a co-branded REI/USBank credit card account at your Reading, MA store. I learned that I needed to take the application home and apply online which I did. While at home I contacted TransUnion and had the freeze on my TransUnion account  lifted  for 48 hours.

At home, I went through the Bank’s entire application process several times without success and finally called the USBank customer service line that also resulted in an aborted process. I then called the REI Customer service line and got the REI person to connect me to the USBANK customer representative.

The following day I returned to REI and purchased the $ 300 coat and $40 hat that were being held for me. Unfortunately I was not able to apply the $100 gift card for opening the new USBANK credit card account to my purchase because I didn’t have the card yet.

My attempt to make this purchase has resulted in my receipt today of a letter, REF 20203288104138. It seems that USBANK has failed to make any progress whatsoever on my credit card application for the last three weeks. They state that “If we haven’t heard from you within 15 days from the date of this letter we will be unable to give further consideration to your application.” They invite me to climb back on their treadmill another four or five times. No thank you—I may be stubborn, but I’m not stupid.

In addition they would like for me to continue to participate in their grossly inefficient and decidedly not customer pleasing processes by contacting all three agencies and getting all three un-frozen. Again, no thank you.

By way of contrast, earlier this year I purchased a $2,000 computer from Micro-Centers. Their credit card partner is Wells Fargo, hardly one of the top performers in consumer banking. Never the less, I was able to walk into the Micro-Center store, select a computer, give my application data to the salesman orally (a couple of minutes). I waited and shopped for another 10 minuets while the salesman talked with the bank. In less than 15 minutes I walked out with a $2,000 computer.

I have been a very satisfied REI customer since before the Reading, MA store opened. I will continue to shop at REI, but have no need for the REI credit card. I suggest that REI has no need for the USBank credit card either, but that it has a very great need for a competent credit card partner.     

Paul M. Konnersman

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Thanks for reaching out with your frustrations about the process for signing up for an REI Mastercard with US Bank. One of the reasons we are excited about this community is the ability to hear directly from our customers, whether it is something we did right or when we (or one of our partners) missed the mark. We will pass along this feedback to our teams for consideration.

Thank you for being such a long time member of the co-op!

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