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Re: EDC knife

Can you recommend a good everyday carry knife for my husband? 

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Hello @Marypenney07  When picking out a knife for your husband, there may be a few things to consider.  One main consideration would be if you think he would like a straight edge blade or a serrated blade.  Some knives offer a combination in order to provide extra versatility.  An example of this would be the Gerber Swagger Drop Point Knife . 

REI offers many knife options by Gerber and Benchmade which are two popular brands.  In addition, if he might like something that includes other capabilities in addition to a blade, Leatherman offers some awesome multi tools. 

Lastly, take in consideration where you live.  Some places have restrictions on knife types and as a result your local REI may not carry these options and will be unable to ship.  I live in New York and this is the case for us.  I have attached a few more options you may want to look at.  Hope you find the perfect knife for all his needs!


Benchmade Mini Crooked River Knife 

Benchmade 580-2 G10 Pocket Knife 

Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

An  EDC knife is a deeply personal decision.  It can be anything from a Swiss Army Classic ($15) to items that are easily ten times as costly.  Know for sure or consider a gift certificate (bills folded into aknife shape.)

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