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Ebike Activation not done at REI locked bike not functioning

Extremely disappointed, I purchase an ebike (Cannondale supersix evo 3)  online, pick it up  04/09/21 at the Portland Or store. So it doesn’t function because the shop didn't activate it accordingly. Starting off, I received a called from the store  stating that my bike was ready and I needed to come pick it up. This happened before I saw the email that said to call and confirmed picked up/ready to roll.  I get there the following morning, at 10 am when they opened,  the lady at the bike shop desk is constantly on the phone, while other store employees are barely getting on shift and getting things ready.  After waiting in line at the bike shop there was one lady that did ask me for my name so she can get the paperwork and bike ready for me to pick up but she never actually follow through. Finally after 5-10 min waiting, the lady on the phone ask me if I need help and I told her that her coworker is getting my bike and paperwork ready but I told her I needed help picking pedals and shoes. She then told me to wait by the shoe rack and someone will help. No one showed up till like 10 minutes later and the lady that showed automatically told me that the store had "low inventory" and she brought me a couple shoes to try on and said she would "come back in a bit to check on me" she never did. Finally this other young guy(employee) ask me if I have been helped and I told him that "it was a tough question to answer" trying not being rude or sarcastic about it. He actually helped pick my cleats and shoes and got my bike ready and paperwork and walked me through the REI service bike policy and the invoice for the bike but never asked me if I wanted to test drive it, measure me for the seat height, or even bother to walked me through the ebike controls which in this case that was the most crucial part about the purchase because now I can't use my bike because the manufacturer for the ebike electric components sends the bike to the REI shop in "demo" mode and needs to be activated by the store with the client alongside so it can be properly functional. By the time I got to sign the paperwork I was overwhelmed and a little frustrated at the way I was being treated because any other customer around me seem to have a perfect morning and treated nicely and efficiently and I on the other hand  was getting poor customer service while purchasing an item worth $4500.00 dollars along with other equipment and bringing a friend of mine to also make purchases. Now my local REI store is having to deal with the aftermath trying to unlock the codes. I understand there is a supply and demand for things, a process and other variables involved in a retail store. I value REI and its products and so far I had great experiences up until this point. I am a veteran, business owner, and a father I have many veteran friends, colleagues, family that I would like to invite to buy things from REI but with this circumstances it makes it very difficult to do so for me. I hope everyone can learn from this.

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@foxfr thanks for reaching out with this feedback, although we're sorry to hear about your experience in our Portland store and the frustration getting your new ebike working. We have forwarded your post along to several members of the REI team, including your local REI store to ensure they have what they need to get your new bike working. We hope this is resolved quickly - please don't hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions!

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Thank you for your follow through, Heather at the Kennewick, WA bike shop is helping out great, I think there is just one more battery error code she needs to clear otherwise I think we will have to order a new battery from Cannondale, If I don't hear from her by end of business today I will call her back tomorrow maybe suggesting a test ride to see if the codes clear. Thanks again