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DRT 1.2 availability


I ordered a drt 1.2 medium the other day and was super excited! Today I received an email saying it was cancelled due to incorrect inventory. I've been checking the website for months to find that bike in stock and would really appreciate information on the best days/time of day to check online for stock to return. Thanks so much!!! 

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OP here and I ended up going with the drt 2.1 cause it was in stock. I couldn't figure out how to delete my original post about the drt 1.2 so I'm posting this as a way to say it's "solved". I'm looking forward to getting my new bike!! Still need a helmet but will probably get that in store when I pickup the bike 🙂 any suggestions? Thanks


Hi @Tide2d - Thanks for reaching out and letting us know this update! That's great news to hear — and fast work with being able to get a bike ordered before we were able to track down that updated inventory information for you!

Getting a bike helmet in-store is what we would have recommended as well. For a mountain bike helmet, we suggest a model that has additional rear head coverage. If your head tends to get hot while riding, you will want to take ventilation into consideration as well. This Co-op Journal article titled How to Choose a Bike Helmet might be valuable to read so you have a good idea of what you're looking for before going in.

There are a lot of avid cyclists here in the community. Once you have your bike, feel free to come back, ask any questions that come up, or just share that new bike excitement with us! 

Hopefully this helps!


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