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DRT 1.1 bike


I just recently purchased your DRT 1.1 bike online and had it shipped to me because I don't live close to one of your stores. I was able to put the tire on, but it also comes with another small bag of parts that I cannot figure out what they're for and I've read through the instruction manuals. Any thoughts?



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@acrawford Congrats on your new bike! I hope you're out enjoying the ride soon.

It is a bit hard to know what the pieces are that you have without seeing them, but if everything is on the bike that you needed to install (handlebars, wheel, etc), the small bag probably contains spare parts, specifically an extra derailleur hanger and the pieces needed to install that. Those get included because the rear derailleur hangs out and can be bent or damaged easily (always lay the bike down on the ground with the gears up!). The extra derailleur hanger should have kind of an odd shape, sort of like a 'J' with a bend in it. If you look at your rear derailleur, you should be able to see where the piece fits in there. If that looks right, you are probably just seeing the extra parts and you're good to go! If it appears to be something else, please let us know and we'll see if we can troubleshoot further, or call your closest REI and speak with the bike shop. Thanks and I hope this helps!


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