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Donations of tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses for homeless encampment in MN


Would REI be willing to make such donations?



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@nesherwoodjohnson thanks so much for reaching out about a possible gear donation from REI. The co-op does have a community gear donation program; through it, we work to support US 501C3 non-profit organizations whose missions are focused on caring for and increasing access to outdoor recreation places and/or connecting people to the outdoors through human-powered activities. The budget is limited and we are unable to fulfill every request; if you feel your request aligns with the mission described above, please follow up with your local REI store team, as gear donation decisions are made locally.

To learn more about how the co-op gives back, you can read about our collective impact in our stewardship report.

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived.