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Does REI sell an item to wear that can pull a sled?

I realize I might seem a little out of season, but I am in Alaska. I am looking for a harness I can wear to pull a sled. Do you have such an item?


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@lazymtjohn Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, REI does not carry a harness specifically for pulling a sled. We do have an Expert Advice article entitled DIY: Make Your Own Pulk Sled that has a section on how to make a harness out of webbing, buckles, and some other miscellaneous parts. It is definitely worth checking out as it is full of really good info about sled hauling on snow.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the recommendation, I saw that article but I haven’t been too enthused about the shopping I’d have to do for the parts. I’m looking for something more turnkey that could be shipped to me.