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Different costs on same eagle creek way finder crossbody bag

There are two different prices on the above bag, one featured on-line for $33.93 and one featured on the REI outlet for $51.73.



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@jvickrey thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! The 2 bags you mention, the Eagle Creek Wayfinder Crossbody Bag on the REI Outlet and the Eagle Creek Wayfinder Crossbody Bag on do appear to be the same bag - sometime prices can vary based on color, however these 2 items are both available in the black/charcoal color and the technical specs are the same. So, it doesn't appear you'll miss out on any features if you purchase the lower-priced bag; quanities do look low so we would advise not waiting long to purchase. Also, we have brought this inconsistency in pricing to our Merchandising team's attention and appreciate the heads-up!

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