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DFW Friends

Can we get a DFW board? It's not the prime outdoor spot, but there are plenty of places near DFW!

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Howdy @SaintNick413 Thank you for the note and suggestion. You can expect to see changes in the future as we build this community together. It's my understanding we'll be evaluating the locations associated with the "local happenings."  What are your "top 3 outdoor spots" for adventures in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

Happy Trails!

Jason O

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

Top 3?  Someone is trying to pick a fight... 😜

Mineral Well's, Bob Woodruff, Cedar Ridge Preserve  depending on what you are after.

Mineral Wells has some good top rope, and is great for a quick outdoor climbing session.

Bob Woodruff is (in my biased opinion) a great place to go for a quick run, or a short hike.

Cedar Ridge Preserve is a nice getaway if you are starting to feel worn down by the city life, and need a little "vitamin nature".




Thank you and great question! I live in Denton, so I'm slightly north of the metro. My go to places are Lake Ray Roberts (Isle Du Bois Unit), Chickasaw National Recreation Area, and Eisenhower State Park. These aren't exactly DFW areas, but they are probably closer than many people realize. I'm looking forward to, Lord willing, checking out LEELA Nature Preserve in the near future. 


@SaintNick413, thanks for the DFW suggestion - you're not the first to request! We are currently working on a new way to display locations so they're not in a super long drop-down menu. We'll add a bunch of new locations once that's done, Dallas-Fort Worth included! For events you'd like to post now that don't have a "home" board, use the "Add a Location" board under "Local Happenings," reference the specific location in the subject line and add the location as a label within your post! Thanks for your patience!

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived.