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curbside pick-up Seattle Flagship store

Curbside pick-up is not working at the Flagship store.  I arrived on my bicycle and was told it was a 2 to 3 hour wait.  QFC solved this problem by assigning pickup windows and limiting the number of people during any window.  I am not prepared to wait 2 hours for a $40 purchase.

2 Replies

@rkdjones thanks for reaching out to us with this feedback, and we're really sorry for the frustration with curbside pickup at our Flagship store. We have passed your feedback along to the Seattle team and to our teams responsible for curbside pickup at the co-op. 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I discovered the huge line last weekend.  Decided I'd come back at  lunch during the week.  ( I work up on First Hill) Sadly still a huge line but figured it was a lunch rush and I'd come back after work.  I did and the pickup was closed.  The next day I received an email that it would be closed for several days due to the demonstrations.  So I come back Friday lunch - again huge line could not take the time so I returned to work.  Came back later after work no line but also no curbside service due to technical issues.  Both times it was closed there was no indication of that on the app.  Today I dropped by 20 minutes before opening and the line was 3/4 the way around the building. Again I did not have several hours to wait.   Next week it looks like my work hours wont mesh with going to pick up my order so I am thinking my order will be sent back and I will get a refund.  If it was just me not wanting to stay in a long line it would be a little more understandable but since the store was unavailable for pick Mon-wed and then closed again on Friday my times for pickup were limited by REI itself.  My purchase was closer to $500 and used the 20% sale deal.  Other online retailers were offering the same deal.   Now I literally have to spend half my Sunday there or I lose the 20% savings and need to get the item elsewhere.  I cannot believe REI hasn't sent out notification of a pickup deadline extension.