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Concern about mask use by REI employees - face shields vs. face masks

I was at the Bloomington MN store a few days before the governor of MN announced mandatory mask use. About half of employees there had face shields, not masks. The CDC has stated that face shields are not as effective as masks. You state that employees will wear 'face coverings' but face shields do not provide the same protection as masks. While I could understand shields being available for conversing with disabled people as an exception, I do not think having so many employees using a shield as their only protection is advisable. I personally do not feel comfortable being in the REI store when so many employees are getting around the safety requirements through loopholes. When you ban faceshields I may reconsider shopping in your stores again.

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Thank you for reaching out about your experience in our store; one of the things we appreciate most about this community is the ability to hear feedback directly from our customers. We are looking into your specific concern and will circle back with you here in the community when we have more information to share. If you are interested, here is a link to our current health and safety guidelines for employees and customers.
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