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Compare option in Shopping

I've tried on three devices - ipad, laptop and desktop to compare some hiking boots. It shows nothing except the style that I have chosen. How can I compare shoe models, and actually see the information? The compare tab shows on the bottom of the screen, or I can make it disappear. But, it shows nothing except the shoe model/style. No descriptions or anything.

I can't figure out how to make it work. Can you help?

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@Arentsen Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry you're having issues with the 'Compare' feature on the website. If you could answer a couple of questions for us that would be helpful in guiding us towards a fix. Apologies if some of these questions seem simple or are redundant to steps you've already taken!

1) When you see the compare tab at the bottom of the screen, does it show all the models of boots you are looking for or just one?

2) In the compare tab at the bottom of the screen, have you clicked on the blue 'Compare' button that is right above the box that says 'Remove All'?

3) If you have clicked on the blue 'Compare' button in the compare tab at the bottom of the screen, what happens after?

4) What are the styles you are looking at?

Thanks for taking the time to answer, we'll see if we can get it working for you!

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