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Co op 1.1 bike handlebars

Hello,  We just bought the size large in the Co op 1.1 bikes.  We think the handlebars are just a little to low and want to make them higher.  In the owners manual its shows 2 different kids.  It looks to me that you can not raise them up at all.  Does anyone have this bike and if so how do you raise the bars yourself or if you can't what can we get to make them higher or do we just have to return them.  Thanks for any help.

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Hey @windhorn,

Great question! The most common method to raise the handlebars is using a stem raiser. I would suggest looking at the Delta Cycle Allow Stem Raiser. The stem raiser would attach to the bike's existing handlebar stem, and then the handlebars would attach to the stem raiser. This convenient method can add about 3.25 inches of additional height. A local bike shop could easily install this add-on. Thanks again for the question and let me know if this solves the issue for you!

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