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Closure + Ship to Store + Sale - is there a way to get a specific item that can only ship to store?

Due to the current situation, is it safe to assume that one cannot use the 20% sale on items that are 'ship to store only'?  Was hoping to finally pull the trigger on a SkyBox21 during the anniversary sale this year - but alas - it is not meant to be.  Thanks and Keep up the great work REI.

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@derekbye1 thanks for reaching out! Just to make sure we're clear on your question, we're assuming you are interested in purchasing a car-top box during the current "Your Co-op Sale" that ends today? Technically, our Anniversary Sale is not until late May!

With that assumption, and while our stores remain closed, you are correct that you will not be able to order any items that only available for "ship-to-store." Car-top boxes are really tricky to ship to homes because there is a high risk of damage, and then customers could be stuck with a large damaged item at their home with no easy option for returning/exchanging. With that said, we do recognize the frustration/disappointment in not being able to order an item you want right now.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Yep - you understood correctly. And I understand!  Trust me, there is much much worse news than not being able to spend $500 on a plastic box for your car ! 🙂  

Thank you Jen.

You guys are the best.