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city bike 1.1 rear wheel repair

Hello there

I am a happy owner of a Co-op city bike 1.1 XL, but the rear wheel seems to be somehow bent and it makes my rides uncomfortable. I'd like to know if this can be repaired, or how much would it cost to replace the wheel?

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@herve64 Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear that you're having an issue with your bike wheel. Without seeing the wheel in front of us it is hard to know if it can be repaired. Your best bet is to take your wheel to the bike shop at your local REI store and speak with one of our bike techs about your options. If it is challenging for you to get to a store you can also email and one of our bike techs can connect with you that way.

Hopefully this helps and we can help get you back on your bike soon!

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As John said you'll really have to get it professionally assessed. If you're lucky it may just need the tension of the spokes adjusted to true it and I'd expect that in the neighborhood of $30, more or less. Replacement of a whole wheel the budget end might be around $70, could easily go over $100-200 by going just a little better in quality. That's just rough guesses to give an idea.

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