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Choosing a pack

Hi, so im having some trouble trying to decide on a pack, im going to be backpacking around oregon and australia, and hopefully thru hiking the AT. Im trying to decide between the REI Co-op Traverse 65 pack, and the Osprey aura 50 pack. Any advice?

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@Rotondo326 Great question, thanks for reaching out!

The best advice I can give you is that you should go with the backpack that fits you the best. I recommend working with our of our Outfitters in your local REI. They can get you the one-on-one expertise to help you determine the correct fit for your needs.

I will say that the two packs you mention are both great backpacks! One determining factor will be the kind of backpacker you are or would like to be: do you prefer to move quickly and efficiently through the landscape with the goal of arriving at your destination, or do you tend to be a 'journey is the destination' type of person who wants to soak up the environment as you move through it? The REI Co-op Traverse pack leans towards the latter as it is big enough and feature rich enough to carry some of the creature comforts you may want to bring along. At 50 liters, the Osprey will not have as much room to carry bulkier items with you. That comes down to your style of backpacking. I will say that in my experience that if you have the room in your pack you are more likely to fill it up!

I hope this helps, thanks for the question and have a great time out on the trail!


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