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Can you swap out the hip belt in a Gregory backpack?

I'm buying a Gregory Deva 60 in XS, but I need a small or medium belt. There is one from REI Outlet. If I pick it up at a store can I get someone to change the hipbelt to a larger size??

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Thanks for reaching out!

Depending on which model it is of the Gregory Deva 60 pack on the REI-Outlet, you will need to confirm that your local REI store has the correct size and style of hip belt you need before you get them swapped out. If the store does not have the size and style in stock, you can order the Gregory A3 Quickswap Hip Belt in the size you need and return the hip belt from the XS pack. 

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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I am experiencing a similar issue with the Gregory Baltoro 65. I just ordered a Large but it was too big resulting in me ordering a medium right away. I now have both and one needs returned, however the large hip-belt fits better than the medium. Which one of the following are my options since i need a medium pack and a large hip belt?

  • Can a pack be returned with a mismatched hip-belt? (I swap the belts on the 2 packs i have and return the other)
  • Can a stand alone large hip-belt be ordered and the medium hip-belt be returned in its place? 
  • Do i have to buy the large hip belt stand alone and just have to eat the cost of that part?