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Camping Gear for the Bahamians

I have an idea that I would like the folks at REI to consider... Wouldn't it be great if REI partnered with a cruise ship or freight company to deliver camping gear --- I bet almost every REI member has at least one item of camping gear they haven't used in years that they could donate. And tents... oh my gosh, we are tent loving folks, couldn't REI rally their members to drop off their extra tents, and then partner with a company that has a ship and deliver them?

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@iwjasper thank you for posting this thoughtful suggestion in our community. The co-op's Public Affairs team is currently learning from disaster philanthropy experts, like the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, on what the next best steps are for providing relief to communities impacted by the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season, including the Bahamas.

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, the co-op often looks to provide both humanitarian aid and support for long-term recovery for the recreation landscape that has been affected. Here is an example from the aftermath of California's wildfires.

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