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Buyer Beware - Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer Lottery

To anyone who has purchased a Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer item #184336, please be very diligent when inspecting your received trainer. I have gone through two trainers so far and each order had it's issues when I received them. Both trainers were obviously open box returns and not technically 'new'. From my experience so far, if the trainer is being shipped with just the Wahoo box (shipping label slapped on the outside of the Wahoo box), it's possible it's an open box return.

The first trainer I received was missing a lot of the accessories such as the adapters and thru-axle. Additionally, the cassette and trainer itself had bike grease on it which indicates it had been used. On the inside flap of the box there is a note from Wahoo saying that the trainer height should be set to "MTB 24/RD 650C" before packing and shipping, otherwise failure to do so could cause damage. Upon inspection, the trainer I received was not set to that height. Called REI to explain the situation and returned the item in-store.

I was lucky enough to catch another one of these in stock online a few days after and placed my order thinking that the trainer would be shipped directly from their warehouse so I shouldn't have any issues with this being an open box return being sold as new. A couple days go by and I receive the trainer and I have the same issue except upon inspection of the trainer ID sticker, it notice that the item isn't even the correct version. Someone had swapped out the v5 trainer for a v4 and returned it back to REI. At this point I'm pretty annoyed, but fortunately REI is understanding and is willing to accommodate the inconvenience of having to return a 50lb trainer back to the store, let alone spend the time having to do so.

So what's my take away? Please, please, be very diligent and have a keen eye when inspecting your item if you're ordering from REI. To take it one step further, after you place your order, maybe give REI a call to confirm that the item being shipped to you is indeed new and not an open box return.

Having gone through this twice already, I'll forgo the member dividend and save myself the potential headaches and annoyance again. 


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Thank you for reaching out. We are sorry we missed the mark multiple times with your orders of a Wahoo Smart Trainer. We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback, we will pass it along to the appropriate teams for consideration of how we can improve moving forward. We hope you give us the opportunity to do better next time.

Thank you for being a customer and a member of our co-op.

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No worries, just wanted to shed some light on this since they have been in high demand and would hate for this to happen to someone else. One bit of feedback I can suggest is having returns over a certain dollar limit be subject to additional inspections over the course of a few days before processing/approving refunds. Hopefully this would deter bad actors. Happy to provide any further feedback if needed.