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Bike Held Hostage During REI Store Closure For Me As Well

I had taken my bike into the Portland REI location for a tune up a week before the closures. Now my bike has been there for some time now. I've missed a lot due to this. I feel as if I'm being robbed of my bike! I really need my bike back for my mental stability. Is there ANY possible way to get my bike back as soon as possible. I'm moving in a matter of days and it seems as if I have to do so without the biggest part of my life, my bike. I really need my bike back. Please help me get my bike back if it is possible. I'm already really frustrated with this situation, and if I have to move out of state without my bike, I don't even know what hat will happen. it will cost me a lot of time and money. I'm really writing this for anyone at REI to see, but I am curious, how many people has this happened to?

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Wow, can't believe they won't at least give this guy his bike back. Have someone bring it to the curb. Seriously, the seasonal flu is worse than this. Do the right thing REI and quit hiding behind the new "regulations" Food store workers are dealing with people everyday. Surely you can give this guy his bike back. Before you closed why did you not they people to come get their gear!

I agree REI should make arrangements to return people's property such as bikes. However, the seasonal flu is NOT worse than COVID-19. That fact should be obvious at this point. Stay well.

you can and should do better. Thats a load of garbage! you can arrange to have people meet at the door to get their stuff back. if they have a balance due you can arrange to have it paid online so their is no contact with persons. Show the receipt, they bring the item, the customer leaves. you are creating a PR nightmare for yourselves

agreed! you have to find a way to at least arrange a day for people to pick up items in the store that they brought in for repair!


Please know that all of the feedback we have received in this thread has been heard and passed along to the teams who are working on solutions for this situation.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

It is an easy solution. Make appointments with those who want their gear back. Have the person show you his/her ID through the glass window. Have that person step six feet away from the door and place the item outside. Take payments on line. The managers who are still going into the stores can handle this.

is it though?

Yes you do. Have the store manager make an appt with the bike owner and everyone can wear masks and gloves and the manager sees the owner and their id thru the glass door , then the owner steps back 6' and the manager sets the bike outside. Simple. You guys are not thinking 'outside-the-box' . It's very disappointing. 

Same here. Dropped my bike off at REI in West Hartford, CT on March 14th. Repair tech said he had to wait for diagnostic tool to arrive from another store and he would get to it on Thursday, March 19th. Then the store closed. While I fully support the health and safety precautions taken for employees and customers, and of course I would love to have my bike back, the most disappointing part of this is no communication from REI. I would appreciate a text, email, or phone call to let me know what is going on, what the plan is, even reaching out to say REI knows they have my bike and yes it's a huge inconvenience... I have a cargo bike and it's my primary mode of transportation so it has put me out quite a bit. I wish REI would evaluate their customer service approach (or non approach) during this time. Also, would love to get my bike back. I live in MA but the CT REI store is closest to my home. In MA bike repair shops are essential and therefore open businesses. I don't know why REI cannot open just the bike repair portion of the stores and staff it with 1 person at a time to get bikes back to their owners. They could have no contact bike locker set up where once the bike it repaired, it sits in bike locker for quarantine days, then customer has access to the locker with only their bike accessible during a pre-scheduled pick up appointment, or something like that. 

I ordered a new bike for my wife and had it delivered to the store. The same day I got the e-mail about her bike being ready for us to pick it up they shut all the stores down.  We were wanting to get a good jump on training with it for a Tri but now her bike is held hostage in the store. Other local bike shops in town allow curb side pick up and drop off for repair work. I can go pick up my bike there but my wife is left to sit and stew.  Why can't REI do this same type of service for their customers?


I'm sure there are a lot of us out there. REI is just choosing to be unresponsive.