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Bike Held Hostage During REI Store Closure For Me As Well

I had taken my bike into the Portland REI location for a tune up a week before the closures. Now my bike has been there for some time now. I've missed a lot due to this. I feel as if I'm being robbed of my bike! I really need my bike back for my mental stability. Is there ANY possible way to get my bike back as soon as possible. I'm moving in a matter of days and it seems as if I have to do so without the biggest part of my life, my bike. I really need my bike back. Please help me get my bike back if it is possible. I'm already really frustrated with this situation, and if I have to move out of state without my bike, I don't even know what hat will happen. it will cost me a lot of time and money. I'm really writing this for anyone at REI to see, but I am curious, how many people has this happened to?

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@Artie_MTB thank you for sharing your specific situation with us and we are really sorry that your bike is still in our Portland store. We are eager to reunite our customers with items that remain in our stores, however we are also prioritizing our employees' and customers' health while adhering to all local and federal requirements. We will continue to provide updates across all of our communication channels, including here in the community, as soon as we have them.
At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Can we at least just schedule times to get our bikes out of the shops? My bike had been at the shop waiting for a part for over a week before the closure and I was told the store was closed until the end of March. Now, it may be 2-3 months. If I had known that, I wouldn't have left the bike there. You don't have to do the work I scheduled and I wouldn't have to go into the store. Just bring it to the curb outside.

@mchevy16 unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to set up these kinds of appointments. With that said, we recognize the frustration this specific situation is causing and are working on solutions, ones that prioritize employee and customer health and adhere to all local and federal rules. You have our commitment that we will communicate all updates regarding this situation across all of our communication channels, including here in the community, as soon as we have them.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

To me this is "solution" is corporate-speak, not the kind of creative thinking that made REI the outdoorsy version of Nike that it is today. Here's a link to a local bike store in DC that has contact-free service: Why can't the Portland REI do something similar? In DC, you can only leave your home for essential business and bicycles are deemed essential, so unless they are arresting people for standing in front of the REI in Portland, the local covid regulations there are almost certainly not more restrictive. You don't have to open a store just to return someone's bike, you just need send someone to the store with a lockbox and return the bike.

REI: I'm sorry, this is bs. Restaurants have curbside pick-up, my local brewery has window service even, why can't you for our stuff that is locked inside your store? In my state (Colo) bike stores have been deemed essential. I understand you not taking in new work, but you could make personal arrangements to give us OUR stuff back. Or have the manager go inside and mail us our things. 

Took bike to Reno Store for warranty service. Three days later stores closed with no info on Store reopening. Still waiting to hear from REI.



@cd thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, while our stores remain closed, we do not have a way to reunite our customers with their bikes; we apologize sincerely for this situation. As soon as we are able, we will work diligently to reunite our customers with their bikes and their orders that have been in our stores throughout our store closures. As mentioned above, we commit to providing updates, as soon as we have them, here in the community. 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

bull**bleep** get them there bikes back now!! not later

Agreed.  This is actually terrible.  At a time when people need outdoor activities and exercise more than ever REI is keeping their bikes.