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Best Daypack / Small Travel Backpack

Hi, I’m currently looking for a backpack that i could use for daily carrying 14” laptop to work plus other essentials such as charging cables, rain jacket, electronics and some notebooks. As a secondary function, i am expecting to use it for travelling convenient enough as carry-on personal item bag. I came down to these two shortlisted models i.e Osprey Metron 26L and Arc’teryx Mantis 26L. I love the sleek look of the Metron, its laptop sleeve seems very solidly made but i’m not sure if it’ll look odd when the bag is not fully loaded. Also the weight (due to durable material used) can be an issue for long walks between terminals in airport. On the other hand, the Arc’teryx Mantis doesn’t seem to have a well designed laptop sleeve as the one in Metron but it sure look stylish and functional as a daypack. It’s also lightweight and some reviews mentioned that i has lasted for nearly 10 years and still works well.Could you advice which model should I pick for the intended purposes?

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@hazrinzach thanks for reaching out! The 2 packs you mention would both be great for what you're describing, however you didn't mention that you'll be bike commuting. The Osprey Metron is designed as bike commuter bag, so it will have a few bike-specific features that you may or may not find handy if you're not bike commuting (LidLock for a helmet, a shoe compartment, reflective print/pulls). If you don't mind those features, or think you could put them to use, this pack would be great!

Unfortunately, it looks like the Arc'teryx Mantis may have sold out, so here are a few other options to consider: Eagle Creek Wayfinder, REI Co-op Signal 28, Patagonia Black Hole 25L, and the Arc'teryx Blade 28. The first two will be similar in price, the last two are full-priced and a bit more expensive. They are all travel-specific packs with dedicated laptop sleeves.

Hope this helps!

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Perhaps also the Marmot Tool Box 26 Pack which is scheduled to be an Outlet Deal of the Day for $49.73 this Friday.


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Thanks for the reply Jen. I am not bike commuting but wouldn’t mind the additional features. I think the shoe compartment is very useful while travelling. The only concerns i have would be:

1. The weight i.e over 1 kg. Will the pack kill my shoulders carrying it fully loaded around the airport?

2. The design and styling. We all know it is among the best in styling and most sleek looking pack when fully loaded. But would it still be the same if not loaded fully; using it for casual walk in the weekends or over to the mall?


@hazrinzach quick thoughts on your 2 follow-up questions:

  • At the point your pack is fully loaded, it's unlikely you'll notice the actual weight of the pack as you'll mostly be feeling the weight of what you're carrying! Also, some of the extra weight of the pack is actually put into the padding, which helps soften the weight of your load; you could decide to go with a pack that weighs less, however it is also then likely to have less padding...
  • Because the Osprey has those cinch straps, it'll likely look just fine when it's not fully loaded because you can tighten them down - although style is definitely a personal preference, so you may have to test it out to see if you like the look!

Hope that helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.