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Backpacking Drag Queen? Really?

I'm long time member of REI. Longer, I daresay, than 99% of the current employees working at REI. Probably 100%. I always save the mail I receive from REI instead of round filing it where most of my mail goes. That may change after reading the "uncommon path" piece that came today. 12 pages in we are treated to an article that is completely unecessary, has nothing to do with promoting REI's ethic of being outside, is frankly in bad taste and not funny. What was REI thinking? What marketing genius thought this would improve REI's image? When I chose to comment about this I went to your website and found this method. I picked "ask an employee" because there was no other topic that fit. That ought to tell you something about how far off the mark this article was. Big miss by REI. Big disappointment.

R Thomson 

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That article was "different," so what?  There are all kinds of people and orientations in this world and they all would benefit from healthy outdoor recreation, something that REi espouses.  I would only comment that stiletto heels are impractical footwear,regardless of your sexual orientation.  Let's all join hands and lift our voices in song...


I'll bet I have been an REI member longer than you (low 5 digits)

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@RCThomson at REI, we believe the outdoors is for all and we are actively seeking ways, particularly in our own media outlets (like Uncommon Path), to ensure that all feel welcome and included in the outdoors. We support Pattie's mission to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity in the outdoors.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.