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Backpack Fit Advice: Gregory backpack sizing

I have a Gregory Baltoro 85, size large and the fit is a little too big for me. I'm no backpacking expert yet but the bag sags a little low on my back even with the shoulder straps as tight at they can get, and an employee at REI even told me it was a little big for me. I really like the pack and its not selling great anyway (trying facebook marketplace and letgo), and I noticed REI sells some shoulder straps for the pack. If I fitted the pack with medium shoulder straps, would it help fit the pack better? Or is it the actual pack size that is too big for me? Thanks.

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Hello there! Sorry to hear you are having difficulty achieving the desired fit of your pack. From what you describe and based off your previous experience with an REI employee, it sounds like the bag might be a little too big. But before we land on that conclusion, we could try to troubleshoot a bit.

If the problem is the bag riding too low, you first want to make sure that your hip belt is secured in the right position. For many people this is higher than you would imagine. Having the hip belt in a position where the hips are doing the work in carrying the load is important. If the bag is truly too long for your torso, at this point it will be very apparent. 

Some indicators would be gapping between the shoulder blades and the straps and/or a good portion of the pack going above your neck and head. 

Changing out the straps might get you to feel like your load is being held closer to your body which is a good thing, but overall if the pack is too long, you won’t get the fit you desire. 

Here is an article that discusses some of the points around fitting that might help you ultimately make the right decision. 
Expert Advice: Backpack Fit 

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