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backpack adjustment

I purchased the Gregory Baltoro 75 and on medium to long treks the top of my right shoulder gets extremely sore. I just read that 80-85% of the weight should rest on the hips. Now 'm wondering, can I bring the full pack into REI by appointment and get a quick lesson on how to adjust for certain circumstances. Trying to get out for an extended trip in September and want to get dialed before I go.

Also, when is the member garage sale?

Thank You

Phil Vanderloo


1 Reply

@vanderloo5 you can definitely head to your local REI for a pack fit check/adjustment! You can stop in anytime, or you can book an appointment here. In terms of the next garage sale, many stores will have one on 9/14 however make sure you check with your specific location to ensure they are participating!

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