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Availability of the Marmot Tungsten 4p tent.

I was looking for this tent as it was recommended by 2 different friends and I see that it used to be carried by REI, but I dont see it on your site anymore.  Does that mean that you're just empty on stock or is the tent discontinued or no longer being carrier?

Same with the MSR Whisperilte stove.  Not on the site anymore.

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@Darab Thanks for reaching out!

While we are currently out of the Marmot Tungsten 4p Tent with footprint, we do have more on order and are hoping to see them back up on the website sometime in February. Additionally, if you're looking for the Whisperlite International Backpacking Stove we are hoping to see more of those in a few weeks, with a similar timeline for the Whisperlite Universal Backpacking Stove.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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