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Availability of specific Eddyline Kayaks that aren't visible on

Hi - I'd like to purchase two  Eddyline kayaks via REI. There are 3 I'm interested in: the Sandpiper, Sky 10, and Skylark. I looked at th eREI site and none of these are shown. Can I still buy two of these kayaks via REI? If yes, how can I do so?


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@SuperB thanks for the question! All boats that are available for purchase will show up on, so unfortunately, none of the 3 models you mention are currently in-stock at the co-op. We apologize for these inventory shortages; boats have been selling really quickly as folks are eager to get back outside!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi JenK - thx for that super fast response!

So here's another idea: I know you have limited kayak stock, but can I order an Eddyline kayak through you? In other words, say I find two Eddyline kayaks I want (check - done - I know which two!), and then ask you to order them from Eddyline. Like what a car dealer would do for an auto. Would that work? -SuperB


@SuperB good follow-up question! Normally, yes; right now, maybe. We do have a process, called a special order, where our Customer Service team at your local REI store can order an item for you directly from the vendor that we don't have in stock. So, why maybe? Just as our inventory levels are low for boats (and bikes) right now, our vendors are also seeing inventory shortages so there's a possibility that Eddyline is also out of stock. For now, your best bet is likely to stop by your local REI store, initiate the special order process with our Customer Service team, knowing that when we contact Eddyline, it's possible we'll find they are out of stock in the boat(s) you're interested in. We hope this information helps, and again apologize for the inventory constraints.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

SUPERB answer, JenK!



@SuperB Depending how far you're willing to drive for these boats, you may be able to get them still.  Boats are big and don't ship well from a store so there may be some hanging out in stores even if they don't show on  If you're going to your local store to do ordering, ask them to see if any stores have them in stock.  Your local REI may be able to track one down, but you may be looking at some travel to get it.  I think I saw a Eddyine hanging out in Pennsylvania but I don't remember  if it was a skylark or rio.


Hi Judson. 

Thx for the additional info. But only one of 3 REI stores I called had an Eddyline kayak, and it was a tandem.

Then I called REI customer service and asked if they could do a Special Order. I was told by a manager REI is not doing Eddyline kayaks special orders right now. 

So, I found an Eddyline dealership on the West Coast that did a special order for me. From them, I purchased two Eddyline Skylarks, 2 sets of paddles, 2 PFDs, and a few other items. It will be a 6-8 week delivery time, but at least I was able to get exactly what I wanted!