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Any updates on when the Sea to Summit Telos Tent will Arrive in Stores

Hi there-

I've been checking the website frequently for the Sea to Summit Telos tent to show up and I'm sure the employees at my local REI are sick of hearing from me about it.  I have a trip coming up in June and I have my heart set on this tent prior to leaving.  I'm also slightly nervous because they've been selling them directly from the Sea to Summit website the past couple weeks and with the current supply chain and demand issues I don't want to lose out.  Is there anyway I can get advance notice when they'll be available or would it be possible to pay a deposit for one?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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Hi @KayakTony - Thanks for bringing this question to the community! 

We are expecting to receive these tents very soon. Unfortunately, we don't currently accept deposits for purchases before they are available. One suggestion would be to continue checking the website in addition to your local store, as the availability in both places may not be the exact same time.

I will keep a lookout on the website as well and will respond to this thread if I have seen they've become available.

Hopefully this helps!

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@REI-CarterC Thank you kindly!

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