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Afraid to miss an opportunity to get my dream job

Hello Co-op folks!

For the past almost 9 years I have been working at large music retailer and I am ready to move on. For 6 out of the 9 years I have had great success as a manager for this retailer yet my dream has always been to work for REI. An REI near me posted a Retail Sales Manager position. I applied 1-2 days after the job was posted. It’s been a little over a week and I have yet to hear from anyone. Friends and family are suggesting I call the store and ask to speak with someone in the hiring department to let them know I’ve applied. I’m afraid to do this as I don’t want to annoy the staff by calling and potentially risk not getting a call/interview at all. This is my dream place to work. How do I let someone at the store know I’ve applied and I’m very interested in the position? Is there a particular person I should ask for? Should I avoid doing this at all? I really don’t want to mess this up. I love the outdoors, love REI, and I want to do everything it takes to work here. 

Thanks co-op for listening. I am open to any feedback/advice. 

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@ilike2hike0359 this is such a great question because our hiring teams often get a lot of applicants and establishing a personal connection can make all the difference! In non-Covid times, we'd normally recommend dropping by your local store that's hiring; in light of the current constraints, we'd suggest starting with a phone call to introduce yourself. Ask to speak with the store manager, recognizing that they work retail hours and may/may not be working when you call and may/may not be available at the time you call. In that case, you'll likely be connected with another manager, to whom you can introduce yourself. Be prepared to share a few quick things about you, including a few resume highlights and also your passion for the outdoors and excitement about working for REI!

We hope this advice helps - and good luck!!

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