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Advice: Options for a Yakima roof rack install

I’ve recently purchased all new components for a Yakima roof rack and was just about to schedule an apt to get it installed on my 2020 Mazda 6 at the REI store in Charlotte NC but then the virus hit. Are any employees able to meet me at a local park and install the components for me ? I can pay in cash or Venmo/PayPal. 

Thank you,



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@Matthewj Thanks for reaching out!

Roof rack installations are one of the many in-store services we are working to reimagine in these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, at this moment, because our stores are still closed, our car rack install employees are not able to perform installations. While we appreciate your willingness to be flexible and make arrangements, for many reasons we are not able to facilitate that type of interaction.

With that said, if you are at all interested in installing your own rack system, there are excellent YouTube videos from our main car rack manufacturers that can be very helpful during an at-home installation. You can also find lots of help from Yakima.

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