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Looking for Partner - Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail 2022

Hi everyone, My name is Devin and I'm 34. I'm looking for someone or group that is starting in Georgia around late April or early May. I live in Michigan but have family about 2 hours from the trailhead. So I'm going to be flying in and do a section of the AT. Looking for about a month of hiking. I can either tag along while you do a thru hike or we can both stop after a month or so. It will be my first time on the AT for more than a week, but I'm in great condition and do weeks of backpacking in Michigan. North and South Manitou Island yearly. I've always wanted to star this and the point I am in my life right now lets me. 

Safe travels,  

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I typically only do a few days at a time but will be back on the AT in Georgia around that time.  I'll usually post here when I'm going and what section I'll be on to get recommendations and see if anyone else will be on the same section.  Enjoy the trail and, if weret out at the same time say hi!

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Hi Devin.

My name is Chico 41YOM and I am from Chicago, going to start in mid May for 2 weeks, start point until Hot-Spring. Is that sound good for you to start together?


Hey Chico

Im from Chicago too. Thats a great section and Hot Springs is an awesome hiker town.  If you push it you should get to the Roan Highlands in those two weeks.  I'll be on the trail in June NOBO from 19E at Mountain Harbor. Hike safe

Robert Kuta

Thanks so much for your info Robert, I will keep it in mind. Wish you an awesome hike. 
mad part of my preparation I will hike the Des-plains river all the way to the border with WI, to check my gear and prepare my legs.