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Bounce Boxes along AT

Hello fellow hikers, 

I will be section hiking the AT this summer and came across the concept of bounce boxes. I see no reason to pre-ship myself resupply boxes as I imagine it is fairly easy to resupply along the AT and it adds an extra level of complexity to the trip. I do however, see benefit to a bounce box containing materials I will not want to carry or buy again and again like shampoo, detergent, clean town clothes, phone charger, map sections etc. It would seem that this box is needed in every town stop... but is it really? If I shipped to every town (or almost every depending on ETA and post office hours) the price would add up quickly. Do any of you have experience with this and have recommendations or suggestions? Does anyone make do without a bounce box? What are alternatives?


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Hi @morganr6 - Thanks for reaching out! 

We have moved your post to our Appalachian Trail Hikers group. Hopefully some fellow AT hikers will be able to weigh in with their suggestions!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@morganr6 - Most of us just buy new food as we go along.  Usually, you're only three or four days between easy resupply.  If you have special food needs, or will need some gear for a section you don't want to carry until you get there, or something like that, a resupply box makes sense.  Personally, I like to load up on food for a week, more or less, and keep hiking since I don't get out there as much as I'd like.  It's heavy at first, but gets lighter as you go.  So far, I've never used a bounce box, but I can see the need.


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