October 2020 Newsletter

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Happy Halloween everyone!

It’s hard to believe that we’re winding up October! Whether you’re enjoying the changing leaves of the Northeast or Virginia (thanks for sharing @Kato1953 and @Philreedshikes!), finally able to camp out in the cooler temperatures in Texas or Arizona, or taking advantage of the first snow of a long winter like our friends in Alaska, we hope you have been able to find some to spend outside this fall.

We wanted to thank you all for your engagement this month, we had almost 700 new members join the community and over 1000 posts! This community is powered by all of you, we appreciate that you take the time out of your busy schedules to connect with each other, share your stories, and feed all of our passion for being outside.

What’s New in Conversations?

Last month we told you about the co-op member section of the community. This month we’ve asked several questions about membership and some fun trivia questions about REI. So far @hikermor  is the only one to guess the trivia questions correctly! Feel free to register your best guess at the trivia questions and weigh in on some questions about membership to the co-op. We’d also appreciate it if you’d head to the post Co-op Question: What is your favorite member benefit? and let us know your thoughts.

If you are an REI member but are not seeing the “Co-op Members” section when logged in to the community, your member number is likely not linked to your REI.com account. Here are instructions on how to fix this. And, if you aren’t already a co-op member and want to be, visit our membership page to read about the benefits and join! 

Your Conversations team is hard at work planning some exciting updates and changes to the community in the coming months and in early 2021. Stay tuned to these monthly newsletters for more information to come!

Here is some of our favorite content from October:

Have a gear hack? (get started with a migrating sleeping pad!)

@BortEdwards opened up a topic that resonates in the hearts of all outdoor gear enthusiasts: how do you hack your gear? The community did not disappoint, with suggestions ranging from shelf liners for your sleeping pad to boxed wine bladders for pillows. In a different post, @SILHiker  blew our minds with their DIY Nutella packets. Be sure to check out that post for @Dad_Aint_Hip's trail bar recipe! We also learned what Bort would like for their birthday:

Oh! *If* someone ever gives me a vacuum sealer for my birthday 😉” -@BortEdwards

12 day backpacking – No resupply

Although this post was originally from October of last year, we were really excited to see @ryanjl10 circle back in the community to thank everyone for the tips that he used on his trip. If you haven’t checked out his Instagram page, it is worth the look (same as his community username)!

Our trip was amazing as well and I am starting to plan for another longer-ish one for next summer.” - @ryanjl10 

Meet the Moose that tests your gear!

This was an incredible video to watch. If you have ever had an encounter with a moose in the wild you know how big and intimidating they are. Many props to @turnerboy for keeping their cool during that experience!

Holy $&#@!’ -anyone who watches that video, probably.

Any advice for a beginner camera for taking photos while backpacking?

@djw started a topic that showcases the broad variety of experience and expertise in the community. We think almost everyone who reads this thread can learn something new about taking, and processing, photos in the outdoors.

So, for less than 00 of gear (a fraction of the price for a camera) and 2 worth of apps, you'll have an excellent set up that adds next to no weight to what you're already carrying.” - @Dad_Aint_Hip 

Thanks again to all of you for making this community such a vibrant, interesting, and welcoming online space. We’re looking forward to another busy and fun month in November!

The Conversations Team