May 2021 Newsletter

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With May comes longer days, hotter weather, and even the start of some summer vacations! It has been fun to see you all share your suggestions for cross-country road trip routes, everyday backyard ventures, and even songs to sing while biking. The different ways people spend time outdoors is both exciting to learn about and inspiring for future plans. 

We welcomed 2,422 new users and you all posted 2,456 times this month. Each new introduction made and ‘kudo’ given reminds us how this unique community has formed into such a helpful and inviting place. Thank you all for taking the time to share your stories and know-how with all of us! 


What’s New in Conversations? 

You may have noticed that we added three new groups this month. Bikepackersfishing enthusiasts, and birders now have a place to share their stories and ask questions among fellow community members. While these groups are still growing, we have already seen some great engagement from folks! 

In the What Have You Learned Since Your First Bikepacking Trip? thread, @braeis shared that it only took one campout to realize that a folding wood saw was not necessary to pack and @John said that before his first bikepacking trip was even over he knew he was hooked. We’re excited to see how Groups continue to develop in the community. If you haven’t looked through what’s there now, we recommend checking them out and seeing if any interest you!   


Here are some highlights from May: 

Show Us Your “Sit Spot” | ‘Hikes for Health’ Week 1 

REI recently started a month-long Hikes for Health Event and the weekly challenges are shared here in the community! For Week 1, people shared their ‘sit spots’ — somewhere you go in nature to find a sense of peace. So far over one hundred people have posted and looking through the responses is such a pleasure. We suggest you taking a minute to look through them (and adding your own response!) if you haven’t already. 

My go to sit spot is just about a mile from my house. I often go there to "hide" or just have some quiet time by myself in the woods. I may not solve all of my problems when I'm there, but I always feel like I can breathe better.” - @Breila  


When someone asks you ‘why’ you chose your favorite outdoor activity, how do you respond?

It’s easy to give a quick ‘I just love being outside’ when asked this question, but this community’s common ground of being passionate about the outdoors makes it the perfect place to dive into the real ‘why’. While someone might imagine that the answers were all quite similar, it is special to see how varied they are. What is your why? 

It's not worth the effort to carry "Who I am not" when I am outside doing outdoor activities, and so I find it easiest to express myself as I truly am when living to my best doing outdoor activities.” - @Former community member 


Campsite Luxury Items: Shoes and Chairs. What do you have and why?? 

People who trek, paddle, or ride to campsites often have habits and customs for settling into their evening’s location. With gear limited to what you’re comfortable carrying, a standard setup is usually kept to the basics… unless a few comfort items make their way into your pack! In this conversation, @Todd_the_Hiker says that a good camp chair is “closer to the essential side” and @tadoerner adds some humor with the quality effort he put into finding out how many ounces some popular campsite shoes weigh. Do you have any favorite campsite non-essentials to add to the discussion?


Highlighting the fun and insightful discussions that happen each month in Conversations is a testament to each of you and what you bring to the outdoor community. With all of the summer plans y’all have shared with us so far, we’re excited to see what everyone is talking about in the months ahead! 



The Conversations Team