February 2021 Newsletter

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February may be the shortest month of the year, but the community sure packed a lot into 28 days! This month we enjoyed all the introductions from new users around the country, conversations about your dreams and plans of adventures outside this year, the good advice and recommendations you all are known for, and a great reminder from @nathanu that sometimes it’s okay to play hooky from work to get outside. We welcomed over 1,800 new members to the community this month (more on this in a moment), contributing over 1,200 posts and 1,000 kudos.  

What’s Happening Conversations? 

On Thursday, February 22nd, after being featured in an email to all active REI members, our community welcomed 738 new members, our biggest single day of registrations ever! Since then, we have had over 1300 new users join Conversations. While it is very exciting to have that many new users here in our community, what we appreciate most is how welcoming and engaging the posts and responses have been. Whether you are introducing yourself to the community for the first time, looking for partners for your adventures, or sharing your plans for getting outside this year, we love watching all the connections develop. It is a good example of how getting outside unites us all, no matter how far apart we may be.  

Here are some highlights from February: 

You think THAT’S bad, mine was worse! 

@Dad_Aint_Hip got the ball rolling on this ‘tasty’ conversation. Trail food is often a balance between having sub-standard food coupled with intense hunger earned over many miles of hiking, paddling, riding, or skiing/boarding. It’s amazing what you can stomach when you are cold and tired! @hikermor also introduced us to ‘Gateroatmealade’ which is still a catchy name even if the food combination never caught on. 

Looking for advice on a good pair of hiking shoes. 

@matt2001 came to the community looking for a recommendation on a pair of good hiking shoes and you all brought some great advice! We discovered how popular Oboz is with our community as a majority of the comments were for that brand. 

“Thank you everybody for the help, I was more than amazed with how helpful everyone was…thanks all for the great advice and recommendations” - @matt2001  

Jetboil vs MSR PocketRocket? 

@CyrusBlades also tapped into the collective wisdom of our community by starting a great discussion on the merits of two stoves. Ultimately, the Jetboil won out for Cyrus, however many good points were made for each stove. The great information contained in these conversations will help many curious folks in the future. Additionally, we were treated to what is a top contender for our favorite comment of all time, from @Former community member: 

The new jetboil looks dope. I don't have anything really to contribute beyond that. I just wanted to be a part of this historic day. Welcome to conversations, yall.” 

Based on your conversations here in the community, 2021 is shaping up to be a fun year with lots of time spent outside. We appreciate you sharing your plans and stoke with us! So now we have to ask: as we approach the spring equinox and the days are getting longer, are you excited for warmer days or are you hoping for winter to hold on for a little bit longer? 

- The Conversations Team