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December 2020 Newsletter

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December has come to a close, and with it a year unlike any other we have experienced. Nothing could have prepared us for the disruption to our ‘norms’ that 2020 brought with it. While we are all continuing to be flexible and adapt to these changes, it is worth reflecting a bit on how far we’ve come in the last year. Since we closed the doors to our stores in mid-March, we have added over 10,000 new members to this community. Questions ranged from advice on a new piece of gear to people seeking a new way to connect with the outdoor communities they were missing. We are grateful for every single one of you who have engaged with us here in the community this year and beyond. 

In the month of December, you shared over 900 posts and we welcomed 611 new members. We also redesigned the landing page of the community to have a cleaner look and feel and be more mobile-friendly. One significant change (that may not be obvious to those of you who visit often) is that, for first-time visitors, the main feed is now displayed by posts that are ‘most liked’. What does that mean for you? It’s more important than ever to ‘like’ a post that you think is a good topic or question, ensuring that interesting content is visible to those who haven’t yet joined the community. Lastly, you all continue to inspire us with your time spent outdoors, even in cold, wet, wintery conditions! Thank you for continuing to share your experiences with the community. @Paalbaal and @Philreedshikes get bonus points for sharing videos of their adventures! 

Here are some other highlights from December: 

Greetings from Virginia! 

New user @Mark5150 joined the community (and the co-op!) and found out that not only is there a strong contingent of users in the community around Virginia, but there is also a group of biologists/fossil hunters/archaeologists here! 

I'll go anywhere where there are fossils and pretty rocks.” @Mark5150 

Replacement pieces for an REI Co-op Kingdom cot? 

@angrsand and @Jsueltenfuss connected over two partial REI Co-op Kingdom cots and may be able to get the pieces together and keep one of their cots in working order. 

“That’s what I like about this site!!” - @hikermor  

Debate! Are you a Sunrise or a Sunset person? 

Even after 49 replies (albeit many of those were an amazing tangent of classic poetry describing sunrises) this issue is still not settled! Sunrise and Sunset is tied: 9 to 9. If you haven’t weighed in yet, your vote is needed! As always, bonus points for photos! 

“I really *want* to be a morning person and enjoy the sunrises but it just come so early!” - @Dad_Aint_Hip  (but really all of us, too) 

Advice on how to handle altitude sickness 

@lisahopi is going on an amazing trip to Uganda to see gorillas. The community provided a lot of great advice about how to prepare for and deal with altitude in the mountains. We hope they come back to the community with photos and stories to share! 

“Thank you very much everyone for the sage advice!” -@lisahopi 


Thank you so much for all you brought to the community this month (and year). You continue to bring positivity, inspiration, and expertise here every single day. This community is great because of all of you. We have some really exciting plans for the community that we can’t wait to share with you. Here’s to many days outdoors in 2021! 


The Conversations Team