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Wildlife Photos from Silver River Trip

Our river trip yesterday. Wildlife everywhere, crystal clear water. Even a family of 9 Monkeys! You have to keep your distance they can be really nasty. 7973FDA8-3BD3-4EA8-9DAD-DE32650476E2.jpeg20A88A1B-BE77-4BAF-A0AA-9AB72632AEAC.jpeg459DFBA8-D4F0-42DA-951F-D88D0B4083C3.jpeg2C78CE27-CDD3-4F23-A0CB-0728EFD782CD.jpeg99642783-F228-4C04-B943-998BA31FC639.jpeg2CDA248A-F2D6-477C-AC77-23979BC433B0.jpeg931D00C9-7073-4704-B3FB-3971746FDC51.jpeg

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Wow @Flipperfla! Thank you so much for sharing these. My jaw just dropped looking at them!

I'm from New Orleans but lived in Panamá for a long time, so it felt like bouncing between the two spots with the heron and gators alongside the clear water and monkeys! The sun reflecting off of the manatees back is also truly gorgeous.

What an incredible trip you all had. What kind of watercraft were you in? 

Thanks again for sharing! 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks! It was one of those 5 star days for sure. The Manatee was a curious little fellow,  just swam right up to us to check us out. 5 miles of crystal clear water, Nature at its best.

very nice!  great manatee photos!

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I love good photos.  And these were really great!  Thank you for posting them.


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