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What backpacking gear is allowable for Airplane Travel?

Wondering if this list of items was permitted on a plane, specifically leaving O'Hare Airport if anyone has ever flown from here:


Jetboil Fuel Canister


Pocket knife

Water filter

Ursack Bear Bag

Any other miscellaneous backpacking items useful in the outdoors.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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Ok, thank you I will leave that home as it is not necessary. Basically, I am just going to check practically all of my camping gear. Might carry on a few fishing flies, but going to check tent, tent stakes, poles, trowel, jetboil, bear canister, etc. Going to pick up fuel canister, knife, lighters, and bear spray upon arrival.


Since a striker contains no fuel it should be fine for checked.  May even be ok for carry on since, strangely, BIC lighters are allowed as carry on (they cannot be checked if they contain fuel).  However that will be at the discretion of the TSA agent so I'd check it.

I would not check prepared tinder.  Instead I would put some real cotton balls (synthetic doesn't work) and a small container of Vaseline in your first aid kit.  You can buy original Vaseline as a lip balm in 0.25oz containers which you can carry on (up to 3.5oz) if you want.  You can check larger sizes if you must.  I have not personally tried to make tinder with Vaseline but I have heard it works well and it also doubles as lip balm and has other uses.   Cotton balls also make good dressing and swabs in your first aid kit.  Make up a tinder when you need one.



Figuring a snake bite kit and first aid kit will be okay to check?


@Nathan1 Depends what is in the first aid kit but broadly most common items should be ok.  For carry on you have to watch of pointy and cutting things and quantities of fluid but for checked you would have to go out of your way.

btw:  Snake bit kits are useless so I would not bother taking it.   This thread explains all...