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Re: What adventures are on your outdoor bucket list?

Just curious what folks have on their hiking/biking bucket list..

For me:

#1/#2 GDMBR/CDT (ride it not race it:)) and Trans-America bike ride Virginia to Oregon



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Ive been to Mount Rainier in 2018 and it was a life changing experience! I want to go back and hike the entire Wonderland Trail which encircles the entire mountain. Also, I love bike camping and plan on cycling from Pittsburgh(home town)to Cumberland. Cant wait to pass through the Big Savage tunnel!🏕🏔

Awesome. I am also planning on doing the GAP. Going from Pitt to Cumberland sounds like a good icebreaker 🤣 

eventually I’d like to continue on to Williamsport MD. I’m from south central PA and am familiar with that Area.


Would love to do a hike thru on the AT. 

Do a cross-country PPG trip including camping.

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.

@MSDT74 Welcome to the community!

Great list! I have a clarifying question: what is PPG? When I googled it I got a lot of fan-powered parachute videos. Is that what that is?!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.


You are correct sir. Powered Paragliding.



That's so awesome! I had no idea that Powered Paragliding across the country was a thing! I may need to re-work my bucket list...

So you do you have support vehicles? How many miles can you do in a typical day? Are there 'routes' that are followed? Do you travel in groups or solo?

So many questions!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.


I know that some do PPG and camp, but haven't talked to anyone about the cross country trip thing. From what I have been looking at it will be an interesting trip. Still learning about PPG so it will be a while in the making. I am sure that a support vehicle will be in the picture. These engines are two stroke and reliable, but do have to be serviced on a regular schedule. A trip like that will even entail a top end rebuild, I would imagine. It's a work in progress. Hehe

The Inca Trail to Machu Piccu was on my bucket list.  After conquering that, I have a desire to hike the West Coast Trail...

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That, would be Awesome ! A while back during one of my trips to Germany there was a band playing in Munich that was from Machu Piccu. I have only seen that area through articles on the Internet. It would be amazing to go there


@hikebikefun  I lived in south central Pa for a while and section hiked parts of the AT in pa and md. Doing the entire trail would be amazing. I actually Earl Shafer who was the first person to do the AT at a rendezvous. He was a unique individual. 
I LOVE the Tuscarora trail....nowhere near as well known but equally if not more beautiful. 
the trans American bike ride sounds Incredible!!!