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What adventures are on your outdoor bucket list?

Just curious what folks have on their hiking/biking bucket list..

For me:

#1/#2 GDMBR/CDT (ride it not race it:)) and Trans-America bike ride Virginia to Oregon



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Wow, Adak Island is WAY out there! That's isolated, even by Alaskan standards!

I always joked with my fishing friends that the fish in Alaska just swim up to your front door and will jump right onto your plate if you want. Not entirely true, but it can sure feel like it sometimes! I lived in Fairbanks for the last six years and just moved down to Seattle a couple of weeks ago.

Personally, I think that just living in Alaska for some amount of time should be on everyone's bucket list!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

People dont believe you but we actually caught fish by using a net over the culvert.  Those fish jump upstream and you can grab them.  Just gotta watch the eagles.  Those things are so surprising large compared to what we see in the lower 48...

A tough climb is Fuji.  I've done it 3 times while stationed in Japan.  Mt  Fuji is a real beautiful place.  🙂  Trail is gravel that is like taking two steps up and one back each time...

Check out the book “Dreaming Bears”

a Gwich’in Storyteller

a southern doctor.....A Wild Corner of Alaska.....good (easy) read. True story


Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely check it out. Have you ever read 'The Blue Bear' by Lynn Schooler? Another incredible read based out of Alaska!

Thanks again!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Excellent! And no I haven’t read The Blue Bear but thanks for the recommendation. Here’s a good one, and a bit closer to home - check out ‘An Island Out of Time’ by Tom Horton. It’s an amazing story about the people living on Smith Island in the Chesapeake bay. After reading it and telling a buddy of mine about it we kayaked out to the island and camped there for a week. We now have memories that will last a lifetime. He has since moved away. I would definitely love to make that trip again sometime.


@hikebikefun this is an awesome thread, thanks for sharing!

For me, through hiking the entire PCT and the AT, summiting Denali (Alaska) and Aconcagua (Argentina), and doing some backpacking or mountaineering trip in Europe!

Oh yeah, and New Zealand is on the bucket list for sure!

I def want to go to Zugspitze (spelling?) again sometime. There is a small Inn on the top and literally nothing else. You are surrounded by the Alps and it is absolutely incredible.


There are so many ...

I think that #1 on my list is to hike and explore Iceland.  The Scottish Highlands and New Zealand are also on my list.  Closer to home, meaning in the U.S., Arches, Moab and Canyonlands in Utah.