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Re: What adventures are on your outdoor bucket list?

Just curious what folks have on their hiking/biking bucket list..

For me:

#1/#2 GDMBR/CDT (ride it not race it:)) and Trans-America bike ride Virginia to Oregon



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You are correct sir. Powered Paragliding.



That's so awesome! I had no idea that Powered Paragliding across the country was a thing! I may need to re-work my bucket list...

So you do you have support vehicles? How many miles can you do in a typical day? Are there 'routes' that are followed? Do you travel in groups or solo?

So many questions!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.


I know that some do PPG and camp, but haven't talked to anyone about the cross country trip thing. From what I have been looking at it will be an interesting trip. Still learning about PPG so it will be a while in the making. I am sure that a support vehicle will be in the picture. These engines are two stroke and reliable, but do have to be serviced on a regular schedule. A trip like that will even entail a top end rebuild, I would imagine. It's a work in progress. Hehe

The Inca Trail to Machu Piccu was on my bucket list.  After conquering that, I have a desire to hike the West Coast Trail...

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That, would be Awesome ! A while back during one of my trips to Germany there was a band playing in Munich that was from Machu Piccu. I have only seen that area through articles on the Internet. It would be amazing to go there


@hikebikefun  I lived in south central Pa for a while and section hiked parts of the AT in pa and md. Doing the entire trail would be amazing. I actually Earl Shafer who was the first person to do the AT at a rendezvous. He was a unique individual. 
I LOVE the Tuscarora trail....nowhere near as well known but equally if not more beautiful. 
the trans American bike ride sounds Incredible!!!

The only thing holding you back from doing the AT is you :).  It may take a few years to plan out, save money, get the gear and get on it but if you take that first step towards it, the next become easier.  Good luck!

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My husband and I want to complete an adventure race within the next 2-years (hike-bike-kayak). We are still looking into different race options but would optimally want something within road trip distance of NW Illinois. That is the biggest thing on our outdoor bucket list so far! 

You could start by looking here:

Nothing really close but that would be part of the adventure 🙂

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one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Nice site! 

I vote for Oktoberfest!!

Here's how I want to do it:

1. Fly to Frankfurt

2. Train to Rothenburg A.D.T., 1 night

3. Train to Munchen, visit Oktoberfest, Hoffbrauhaus, Michaelskirche (St Michael's Church) (burial site of King Ludwig), 1 night

4. Train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 1 night

5. 2 day hike up the Zugspitze, via Partnach Klamm to Rheintal Anger Hutte (1 night), then hike to Knorr Hutte (1 night), hike to summit, then train or cable car back down, 1 last night in Garmisch.

6. Train to Frankfurt, fly out.

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