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RV camping without electric hookup!

I am planning to rent an RV for the first time but the park I am going to doesn't have an electric hookup. What should I do? Do I need to rent a generator too? I believe they make a lot of noise....


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IF the RV is a motor home there's a good chance it will have a built in generator. If so, you can run it when necessary when you want to use the microwave or other peak demand appliances or A/C. If it doesn't include a generator, then just running the engine for awhile will recharge the batteries that run the 12volt system you'll use for lights and heating. The RV should have a tech center that will show battery charge levels so you can budget and monitor usage.

Campground etiquette suggests that you run the generator in the afternoon and early evenings.

The company you're renting from should be able to give you those details.

Thank you Robert. Great info. I was mostly concern about the fridge and the food. I was afraid that without the electric hookup the food will go bad in a day or 2.

; )


And there are some good quiet generator/ inverters like Honda. One of those could be a good investment. And they slow down when less electricity is needed. They just pur along compared to others.

But don’t expect to run an Air conditioner off at


Really a question to ask the company you are renting the RV from.

I'm not an expert at this but a few pointers that may be helpful...

RVs generally have a built in "domestic" battery bank of one or more batteries that charge while you are driving. 

The "domestic" battery bank will provide power while you are stopped.  Obviously how long this will last depends on how much power you use a day and how many days you plan to be stopped.

If it is just LED lighting and you are fairly abstemious, a typical RV 12v domestic battery in good health that's starts full charged may be able to get you through a week or more without a re-charge.  If you have to use more power hungry appliances like the heater fan or extractor fan or shower pump then the battery may last a lot less. 

If the RV has a fridge and you intend to used it make sure it is propane powered or if it is dual powered that it is switched to use propane. Some require a manual switch over.  Some are automatic.  If it can only uses 12V then chances are that you will need to use a generator some to keep the domestic batteries charged and keep up with the fridge.

Generally AC cannot be run from the domestic batteries and if you really must have AC then you will need to run a generator.

Modern RVs often come with some kind of solar panel recharging system that can replenish the domestic batteries to some extent and can delay or avoid having to use a generator.



Thank you so much. I didn't know about the fridge could be propane powered!! That is great.

And also about the "domestic" battery bank. Really great tips.

I will ask the company/person that I rent the RV from.

; )

Happy Camping to you.